Sunday, May 10, 2009


Simple but elegant is how I would describe this wedding cake. The coral roses were lovely against the cream fondant. The only frustrating part of this set up was that the rented table was wobbly and not level. We tried to level it but it just became more wobbly. The venue could not supply another table so I had to leave it as is. The cake itself was very heavy so unless someone ran in to the table hard I am sure it stayed in tact.
The layers were 15", 13", 11", 9" round. The flavor was chocolate cake, ganache, chocolate buttercream and chocolate mousse.

UPDATE: They loved it. Here is the testimonial:

"Just wanted you to know EVERYONE said they had NEVER had a wedding cake this GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! much wanted you to know how much everyone Loved it and I want you to know there was only a handful of peanut brittle left..............I hope all is well with you ............and your haircut looked fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoLloydette"

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Y said...

What fantastic feedback :) That cake looks truly amazing!