Saturday, May 29, 2010


I have been away for a while, because my little dog Babycakes had to have hip surgery. We had it done in Reno, Nevada by a wonderful doctor that specialized in hip surgery. I have been giving her water therapy by taking her in the pool or bathtub and letting her swim. It is time consuming because after her swim I have to dry and comb her long hair. We do this three times a day. She is getting along nicely, in fact today we went on a long walk and she used the leg like nothing ever happened. I am so happy and relieved that the surgery worked.

I came home to make this wedding cake. It is 4 layers of white cake with 2 layers of coconut mousse and 1 layer of passion fruit bavarian for the fillings. The tiers were covered with fondant. The decoration on the first and third tiers is a copy of the wedding invitation on rice paper. I love the yellow roses!!

Friday, May 07, 2010


I made this cake for a client's tenth anniversary. It is a tiny version of the original wedding cake I made for her ten years ago. Her father who is a chef instructor hired me for both cakes. I hand made (out of gumpaste) all the flowers on the first cake and he saved them, wrapped very carefully, and gave them back to me to put on this tiny cake. What a special memory for the happy couple.

The picture below shows a picture of the original wedding cake.

The flavor of the cake and filling is lemon. Yum! one of my favorites.

Saturday, May 01, 2010


This cake was for two little boys and they were having a cowboy themed birthday party. I borrowed a cowboy hat from my friend Laura of Paleo Women to use as a model for the hat. Just in case you haven't tried Laura's Paleo Women granolas and cookies you should order some. They are delicious and very healthy.
The flavors of this cake were chocolate and raspberry. I spread seedless raspberry jam onto chocolate cake then top it with raspberry buttercream. This type of cake does not have to be refrigerated so can sit out on the table during the party with no problem. If there is any leftovers I would refrigerate the cake covered just to keep it as fresh as possible.
I put a little heart at the back of the hat and one of the birthday boys saw it right away. That made my day.