Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I did this cake for a little 3 year old and all she wanted was a pink castle cake. I heard she was thrilled and she and the other kids at the party were eating everything on the cake even the rice paper flags.
It was a marble cake with ganache and hazelnut buttercream fillings. I also put the crunchy pearls in the ganache for a little surprise crunch.
The cake only needed to feed 13 people so I made a 9" X 4" which would feed about 22 people.
It was fun to make and for my first castle cake I was happy with the outcome.


faithy said...

This is soo sweet and pretty! I adore! I'm sure the little girl must have been delighted to see her cake!

Vicki said...

Oh I wish I would have asked you about making a castle cake! My granddaughter turned four and wanted one but I didn't think I could do it and made fifty cupcakes instead. I'm going to try this next year as I'm sure she won't be outgrowing the princess phase anytime soon. This is absolutely adorable.

Patricia @ ButterYum said...

I love looking at all your wonderful creations, and this one doesn't fail to please! Excellent job, as usual!


i could be the one said...

Hi thanks for posting tthis