Sunday, July 25, 2010


I made this cake for my accountant's wife's birthday. It was a surprise so I had to sneak it over to their house while they were out.
The bottom tier is a 9" chocolate cake with hazelnut buttercream and ganache fillings. I put callebeaut's new crunchy pearls in the ganache to give it a crunch. The middle tier is a 6" marble cake with chocolate buttercream and ganache fillings, and the top tier is a 4" white cake with vanilla buttercream.
I have decided I love 4" cakes. They are so cute!! I never used to make them because they were hard to cover with fondant but I just love their petite size and I think they balance out the whole cake better than 6" toppers.
I love how this cake turned out. The birthday girls' favorite colors are mint green and peach and she also likes gold. I added the lavender because I thought it went well with the other colors. I used an ivory colored fondant over the cakes.
I sure hope she was surprised when she came home to find this cake, I know I would have been.


Blessed Rain said...

Its absolutely beautiful!
I am sure she was thrilled with everything save turning 40!

another pearl decorating item that I like is Sixlets if you go to an online seller you can get a pound in the color of your choice for $6-.
Silver, white, gold, blues, pinks ect I am not the greatest cake decorator but these turn my messes into - well into something halfway pretty.

Jenn said...

Beautiful! What a nice surprise for your friend.

Vicki said...

It's magnificent! Mary Engelbreit meets the Mad Hatter's tea party. I absolutely love it!

Monica said...

Seriously this is way tooo cute! Love it.. its so whimsy and at the same time sophisticated. I'm sure you heard by now, but the birthday girl was probably very surprise!

Alpha Baker Joan said...

Aside from being just gorgeous, I can imagine you with the topsy-turvy edifice trying to keep equilibrium as to who is straight up, and lurching along to happy destiny!

PAM said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. Joan, I did feel a bit topsy turvy myself after delivering it in one piece. No mishaps!!

faithy said...

Soooo cool! It's sooo perfectly decorated! I'm sure your friend must be very thrilled to see her cake!! I love how you did the topsy turvy cake. If i ever need help, can i ask you for advise?

Please do post more of your work cos i love to see and admire every one of them!

Patricia @ ButterYum said...


Any suggestions for covering those tiny 4" cakes? I've taped the cake board down, but I still have some trouble keeping those little suckers from moving all over the place.


PAM said...

ButterYum - I cover them with fondant. If you are working with buttercream, put some buttercream on the bottom of the cake board and stick it to the turntable. Refrigerate it until the buttercream gets hard then remove it and frost as with any cake.

PAM said...

Faithy - sure you can ask for help anytime.

CeLeStiAL PheNYx said...

OMG this is amazing! You are definitely my pic for one of those "Cake Wars" Food Network shows!!!!