Wednesday, March 02, 2011


This is a simple and elegant wedding cake that I did this past weekend.  The colors of the wedding were pink and black and the cake blended in perfect with the room and table linens.
The flavors of this cake were white cake with vanilla bean pastry cream and fresh strawberries.  I also put a very thin coat of strawberry jam on each cake layer.
I always like to take a picture of the cake at the venue after I set it up.  I went to do it this time and my camera said "no card".  Yikes, I had to run all the way back (about a half hour round trip) and retrieve the card out of the computer.  I will be sure and check the camera from now on.!!


Vicki said...

Sounds delicious!

Isabella said...

It was beautiful! And very delicious! I know, I ate it! It was great! Thanks Pam! You do a wonderful job of all the detailing in all your work. There's a lot of love put in your desserts!