Friday, October 01, 2010


This cake is very similar to another Topsy Turvy cake I did but in completely different colors. I was a little nervous about the colors because I only had a bad e-mail picture to look at for the color palette. When I got to the venue I was happily surprised to see just how well the colors matched the table linens. There was even a gold underlay that matched the gold numbers and letters on the cake.

The cake was chocolate with a chocolate mousse filling and crunchy pearls. Covered with chocolate buttercream and fondant.
With all my fretting over the colors I am very happy with the way it looks.

Here is a nice thank you I received from the hostess:

"thanks for everything pam, the cake was beautiful AND delicious. and we LOOOOOVED the candy and peanut brittle."


Vicki said...

Very pretty! I love your whimsical cake designs.

faithy said...

I love it too!! Love the design as well and the board! How do you do the prints on the board? so pretty!

PAM said...

Thanks Ladies. It is contact paper on the board Faithy.

faithy said...

Thanks! I've not heard of contact paper..i have to check it out!