Saturday, September 04, 2010


This cake was so good!! The cake was banana and the filling was chocolate pastry cream with fresh bananas in it. It was covered with chocolate ganache and homemade transfer sheet decorations. I put a little gold luster dust on the transfer sheet as I was making them and then I found the perfect gold candles to bring it all together.
The gentlemen I made the cake for was thrilled and called me the next day to tell me just how much he and his guests loved the cake. His inspiration for the cake was a childhood memory of his grandmother's banana cake and being the gracious man that he is he told me mine was better than his grandmother's. Now that is a compliment.


Vicki said...

It's stunning!

faithy said...

beautiful decorations! I want to try to make my own chocolate transfers someday..have to ask you more on how to do it! :D and would love to one day be able to ganache so perfectly like you do! It's soo smooth and flawless!