Sunday, August 23, 2009


Yesterday I decided to play with my chocolate molds. All these molds came from Chef Rubber a company in Las Vegas that I visit whenever I am there. I treat myself to a new mold each time I visit. I love making candy and the techniques used here were an experiment. I sprayed the molds first with colored cocoa butter. I started with yellow, then red, then white. Except the hearts and they were sprayed with red only. The cocoa butter has to be in temper before spraying. After spraying I let them sit in the wine cooler to set up before filling them with tempered chocolate. After filling with tempered chocolate I turn them upside down to drain out the excess chocolate so I am left with a cavity to fill.

The hearts were made with white chocolate and a caramel bittersweet chocolate ganache.

The other shapes were made with 64% bittersweet chocolate and filled with caramel bittersweet chocolate ganache that I folded caramelized and salted pistachio nuts into.

My husband is already to sell these so I will have to get packaging right away.


Cannelle Et Vanille said...

i have some chef rubber molds too. these look great pam!

Li said...

these sound absolutely divine pam!
i must must get around to practicing how to temper chocolate. but how would you overocme heat and humidity?