Sunday, June 08, 2008


OK, I have been busy this week making a wedding cake. The wedding was at the Country Club where I work so it was an easy set up. I do not like transporting wedding cakes, it is just too stressful!! The bride loves butterflies thus all the butterflies on the cake. I don't do many seperated cakes any more, most people want stacked ones so this was a little old fashioned but classy just the same. One unique feature of the wedding, everyone was given a little container holding a live butterfly and the guests released them after the ceremony. I also made 20 pounds of peanut brittle to set on the tables so it has been a busy 4 days.
Now that I am off work for the summer I can play in my own kitchen.
See you soon with more posts.

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Y said...

Beautiful wedding cake.. love the butterflies :)

Your kitchen looks amazing, by the way! I long for that much space in mine!